In 2018, on the 150th anniversary of the instrument, FREO is launching its “Adopt-a-Pipe” fundraising campaign. Donors adopt one of the nearly 2,500 pipes in the Erben organ. Prices vary according to the size and complexity of each pipe.

Just as in the organ, the adopt-a-pipe campaign is divided into four parts, representing the four main “divisions” of the Erben pipe organ. Each division has its own character, and individual pipes have different sizes (from a few inches to 24 feet), materials (various combinations of wood and metals), and shapes (pyramids, complex conic shapes, etc.). Families may consider purchasing entire ranks of pipes: for instance, all 30 Trombone pipes.

Cost & Timeline

The restoration project consists of two phases:

Phase I

18 months

Documentation, dismantling, removal, restoration, and re-installation in renovated choir loft; and ongoing programming and research.

Phase II

World-class music education and innovative performance programs for generations to come, creating a center for arts and culture in lower Manhattan, capitalizing on the Erben organ and the Basilica’s unique musical legacy, particularly with respect to opera and the nascent Philharmonic.



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Billing Details

Donation Total: $25.00

If you prefer, you can also send a check by mail to
Friends of Erben Organ,
PO Box 472, New York, NY 10276.