In an era of defunding arts and education, music is an artistic bridge to success in science and mathematics. Students who study music are known to perform better in STEM subjects. They put the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) in STEM!

Pedals, Pipes, and Peals 2018 – Register Now!

FREO is excited to offer this unique educational program again this summer from July 23-27, 2018. We’ve extended it to 1:00 PM this year, and have expanded it to kids entering grades 1 though 8. Sign up on our partner CampRhythmo’s Web site to reserve your spot!

Pedals, Pipes, and Peals

FREO sponsored its inaugural education program in 2017. The program, called “Pedals, Pipes and Peals,” is a summer musical experience for students grades 2-7. Young people discover music and performance through various instruments through the lens of the monumental Erben pipe organ.

Activities include singing, English handbells and handchimes, as well as creative arts projects and interactive science workshops. The program concludes with a festive student performance and reception for the whole community.

Participants explore various principles of sound production, with the “King of Instruments” as the laboratory. The kids are able to walk inside the organ as the organist plays to see all of the mechanisms that allow the organ to speak: bellows, pipes of different shapes and materials, stops, keys, pedals, and more. They learn how the organ breathes and replicates the sounds of orchestral instruments, while appreciating it as a historical and technological artifact from before the invention of recorded sound. They even construct their own small mechanical pipe organ! This takes the large components of the Erben and creates a hands-on, minds-on activity for students.

We are planning on building upon this year’s camp for 2018. The camp is open to all and scholarships are available. Please see our partner Camp Rhythmo’s Web site for more information or email [email protected].

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