Pedals, Pipes & Peals summer music experience – 2019 photos

Summer 2020 annual summer music experience for kids in grades 1-8 is free for all and will be live-streamed throughout the summer. Watch the Education page for schedule updates.

Pedals, Pipes & Peals 2019 camper Alyssa Cheatham on her summer music experience listening to the 1868 Henry Erben pipe organ at the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in Soho, NYC. In the background is the Orgelkids USA working pipe organ that the children build during camp. This tracker organ works on the same principle as the historic Erben organ, with mechanical connection between keys and pipes, and hand-pumped bellows.

FREO is passionate about music education, both for young kids and for adults. Our third annual Pedals, Pipes & Peals camp continued the mission of introducing the pipe organ to young audiences, and to fostering appreciation of the historic Erben organ through the hands-on experience of playing instruments and building a working pipe organ. 2019 was also the year we inaugurated the Charles and Catherine Scorsese Music Scholarships, in honor of our Honorary Chair Martin Scorsese’s parents.

Below is a photo gallery of the fun and educational moments we had during the Pedals, Pipes & Peals week!

Pedals, Pipes & Peals campers at the festive performance on the last day, with organ, violins and chimes.
Vocal and chimes instructor Erin Fasone leads the group activity with boomwhackers on the first day of camp.
Robert expressed an interest in learning organ and has been assisting Jared with pulling stops.
Getting little fingers into the proper position on the violin…
Alyssa shows off an organ key – one of the first things the campers learn to do is to put all the keys in the correct order.
Ready for the first violin rehearsal in the Basilica…
Connecting trackers is a little tricky for Suraya! Good thing big sister Suleila is here to help.
Campers learned how the pipe organ works from our functioning Orgelkids USA teaching kit, with Jared Lamenzo
Our special musical guest Martin Gomez showed us the classical guitar!
The kids built a functioning miniature pipe organ from Orgelkids USA and had a blast! It has two octaves and two ranks of pipes – 4′ and 2′.
Brothers and third-year-campers Robert and Fitzpatrick have a keen interest in the pipe organ, its music and mechanical construction
Campers enjoyed a presentation of baroque trumpet and organ with Roman Golovanov and Lana Krakovskiy on the Erben.
A hands-on experience looking at Roman Golovanov’s baroque trumpet up close!
Anna played an etude by Goedicke on the Erben as a postlude for the festive culmination of camp on Sunday.
An organ-and-violin duet showed the campers the beauty of blending string instruments and pipes. ShanRong Tuo, violin.
Campers experienced hearing the Erben organ from the loft as well as from the sanctuary floor, and could compare and contrast the way the organ sounds from different perspectives.
Baroque trumpet player Roman Golovanov explained what is different in his unique trumpet compared to the modern trumpet
Festive performance on the last day of camp, led by violin instructor ShanRong Tuo.