Touring Artis Wodehouse’s Studio

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Enjoy a unique concert on three historic harmoniums by Artis Wodehouse with Jared Lamenzo on the 1868 Henry Erben pipe organ, in the lush acoustics of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral, Little Italy, NYC. This special presentation includes additional in-depth videos about each harmonium, and videos about the music. Join us!
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Pictured above: 1901 Kotykiewicz pump organ – it has a Polish name, but was made in Vienna, Austria. This harmonium is not one of the three featured in our concert, so we are excited to show it here!

…Before COVID, Friends of the Erben Organ visited Artis in her studio to see her vast historic keyboard collection. Jared Lamenzo, Maria Rayzvasser and Lana Krakovskiy got to try their hands (and feet!) at Artis’ instruments, from the magnificent 1903 Mustel art harmonium and 1887 Mason & Hamlin Liszt organ to an antique Schoenhut toy piano!
Here are just a few of our favorite memories.

Video: Artis demonstrates the capabilities of the 1901 Kotykiewicz pump organ.

Pictured above: the pedals and expression levers of the 1887 Mason & Hamlin Liszt organ, one of the instruments featured in our upcoming February 5 concert. Artis created videos with detailed overviews of her instruments, available to ticket holders soon.
Jared Lamenzo tries out the 1887 Mason & Hamlin Liszt organ. Out of frame, Artis says, “That’s the kind of sound this is great for. Deep, sorrowful, massive sound.” and “You would have to practice that!” (referring to the pedal technique necessary for harmonium playing)
Photo: 1887 Mason & Hamlin Liszt organ at the Basilica
Artis, Jared and Maria at the Kotykiewicz
An 1860 Steinway square piano from Artis’ historic keyboards collection (not part of our concert).

During our tour, we noticed a familiar “friend”: a humidifier by Essick AirCare. We are grateful to Essick for donating humidifiers to help battle the dry air in the Erben organ loft.

Kotykiewicz, Mason & Hamlin Liszt, and the Essick AirCare humidifier