Erben Organ Days 2021: Kids Build a Pipe Organ!

On June 21, Worldwide Make Music Day, we invited kids to build a pipe organ in the courtyard! The Orgelkids USA kit pipe organ works on the same principles as the NYC townhouse-sized Erben, which the kids toured before the build. This workshop was led by Director of Friends of the Erben Organ, Jared Lamenzo.

After an afternoon of four organ recitals, we headed to the breezy courtyard for the Orgelkids build. NYC-based organist and organ builder Angelina Ngo volunteered to help with the kids’ organ build. Here she gives a thumbs-up to the participants as they sort the keys in order.

Installing trackers is pretty tricky, but doable for little fingers.

The littlest pipe organ aficionado delighted in watching the organ get built and helped insert the pipes. Kids learned about the physics of sound and about a time-tested construction method, a tusk and tenon joint that holds the organ framework together.

At the grand finale, a participant played a tune while her dad pumped the bellows!

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